Cisco Certified Network Associate


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2 Sessions


At Least 12th Pass

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CCNA Course 

Companies are in need of certified networking professionals with excellent working knowledge of protocols like IP, IGRP, Serial, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLAN’s etc for installing, configuring, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting LAN, WAN and other networks. This course will help you to gain all these skills and more.

Why Choose CCNA Course

Shiksha is the Best CCNA Training Institute in Jodhpur, which provides CCNA Certification & Training that certifies you  and you gain a up to date knowledge in computer networks.


Before Doing CCNA You Have to Be Cleared Comptia N+ Certification 

  • Overview of Networking
  • Overview of Networking Components.
  • Network Hardware.
  • Transmission Media.
  • LAN Topologies.
  • Installing Structured Cabling.
  • Networking Technologies.
  • 802 Standards.
  • Media Access.
  • Other Network Architectures.
  • Network Protocols.
  • Switches and Bridges.
  • Internetwork Connectivity Devices.
  • TCP/IP Services and Application.
  • IP address.
  • DHCP and automatic IP configuration.
  • Host Name and FQDNs
  • Server name Resolution TCP/IP Services.
  • Client – Server Communication Layers.
  • Network Server.
  • Client/Server system.
  • WAN and Remote Connectivity.
  • NOS
  • Working on Internet.
  • Introduction to WAN Technologies.
  • Advanced WAN Technologies.
  • Remote Connectivity.
  • Network Security.
  • Testing and Troubleshooting Networks.
  • Network Performance and Monitoring.
  • Wireless Networking.
  • Peer to Peer Network.


  • Internetworking concept Overview.
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP.
  • Assembling and Cabling Cisco Devices.
  • Router Fundamentals.
  • Basic Router Configuration.
  • IP Routing.
  • Routing Protocol: RIP, IGRP, and EIGRP.
  • Overview of CIDR and VLSM.
  • OSPF Configuration.
  • PPP Configuration.
  • HDLC Configuration.
  • Basic IP Traffic management with Access Lists.
  • Establishing Frame relay PVC connection.
  • Managing Network Environment.
  • Catalyst 2900 Switch Operation.
  • Virtual LAN.
  • VPN
  • Wireless LAN.
  • IPV6
  • NAT / PAT

This course empowers you to face real life challenges in the field of hardware and networking. It is designed to make you job ready from day one. With the help of Cloud Based Training and 100% digitized course content, it is possible for a student with non-technical background to understand the concepts of hardware and networking easily.

We use modern assessment systems to assess and certify our students which include,

  • Technical (online)
  • Practicals & Viva

This course comprises of a total of 50 hours, the details of which will be communicated to you at the time of joining.

This course is suitable for any technical and Non-Technical Graduates & Undergraduates.

You can fill in the form to the right or simply walk-in to the nearest authorized Shikshawse learning center to know more about our course. Alternatively, you can call us on our Whatsapp number 9783075546 for any queries.

This course will help you become either of the following,

  • Network engineer
  • System engineer